Din 15237 : Bucket Bolt

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DIN 15237
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DIN 15237 Bucket Bolts

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Our range of DIN 15237 Bucket Bolts

Model d D L
M6x25 M6 25 25
M6x30 M6 25 30
M6x38 M6 25 38
M8x30 M8 27 30
M8x35 M8 21 35
M8x42 M8 21 42
M8x45 M8 21 45
M10x35 M10 30 35
M10x45 MIO 30 45
M10x50 M10 30 50

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DIN 15237 Bucket Bolts have a concave head and two lugs on the underside to help prevent rotation when tightening. Popular throughout Europe for the last 30 years, this fastening system is intended for the attachment of pressed steel elevator buckets incorporating recessed bolt holes. The recessed area surrounding the bolt hole is intended to accommodate the similarly domed surface under the bolt head. Because of this domed area under the bolt head, these bolts are not recommended for flat-back plastic buckets, especially on thinner belts.

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